Menukaart van Seth Take-Out

Beleef en ervaar Surinaams eten.


The Massala Experience:
(A mix of curry spices: chicken or boiled egg):
€ 5,00
The Massala Experience: Shrimps€ 6,00
Faya Fowru (Hot Spicy chicken):€ 5,00
Tahoe/Tempe (vegetarian dish):€ 5,00
Batjauw (Salty fish):€ 5,50
Pom (Pomtayer root dish with chicken):€ 5,50
Beef (Beef stew):€ 6,00
Shrimp/Yardlong bean:€ 6,00

Delicious for lunch

(steamed vegetables with peanut sauce)
€ 7,50
(steamed vegetables with hot coconut sauce)
€ 7,50
Roti roll for convenience (chicken/vegetarian)€ 8,50
Telo batjauw (Salty fish with fried cassava root)€ 7,50
Telo kip (Chicken with fried cassava root):€ 7,50
Telo mix (A mix of fried Cassava root with chicken and salty fish):€ 10,50


Javanese “Saoto” soup€ 7,00
Ask us about our soup of the day€ 7,50

The Surinamese soups have a surprising taste with a fresh pepper fragrance on top! Creole cassava soup / peanut soup with TomTom*, Chinese Wonton* soup / Peas soup Surinamese style. * TomTom – plantain balls. * Wonton – Dumplings.

Surinamese Bami and Nasi dishes

All our dishes are served with potato sambal goreng, fried onions, pepper and sweet and sour pickled cucumber. Surinamese people love chicken bones, so we ask you whether you like chicken pieces with bone or chicken fillet.
Bami Goreng with chicken pieces or chicken fillet. Also known as mie goreng or bakmi goreng is a traditional Southeastern Asian dish. Basically, bami goreng is a spicy fried noodle meal.€ 10,50
Bami Goreng with chicken skewers€ 10,50
Bami Goreng with salty fish€ 10,50
Bami Goreng with tahoe/tempeh vegetables ( vegetarian dish )€ 10,50
Nasi Goreng with chicken or chicken fillet: Nasi goreng refers to "fried rice"€ 10,50
Nasi Goreng with chicken skewers€ 10,50
Nasi Goreng with salty fish€ 10,50
Nasi Goreng with tahoe/tempeh vegetables (vegetarian dish)€ 10,50


Bakabana per piece (batter fried plantain)€ 2,00
Bakabana portion (3 pieces)€ 5,50
Fried spring roll€ 2,50
Chicken pastry€ 2,50
Chicken skewer (3 pieces)€ 6,00
Beef skewer (3 pieces )€ 7,50
Bara (Surinamese savory doughnuts)€ 2,50

Seth Specials

Njang Patu Moksi-Alesi Gran-Gran Style
Moksi-alesi (mixed rice) is a Creole dish that is very popular in Suriname. It is prepared as a rice dish with smoked chicken fillet and salted meat. The dish is usually enriched with the addition of tomatoes, black-eyed peas, and even coconut milk.
€ 13,50
Oven dish Jewish Savannah “Pom-Rice” Pom, the dish that has now become the national dish, is indeed a dish of Jewish origin. Surinamese Jews used to cook this dish for passover.€ 13,50
Nauta Combo – Chicken ‘kip’
Roti with Chicken, potatoes and yardlong bean
€ 10,50
Nauta Combo – Chicken – Vega
Roti with tahoe/tempeh, potatoes and yardlong bean
€ 10,50
Nauta Combo – Chicken – Lamb
Roti with lamb, potatoes and yardlong bean
€ 13,50

Chips and cookies

Surinamese chips are deliciously spicy, the cookies are traditional and have a simple taste.

Bananen chips:€ 3,00
Cassava chips:€ 3,00
“Hidden” peanuts:€ 3,00
Surinamese Coconut Cookies€ 3,00
Corn Starch Cookies€ 3,00
Cheese Cookies€ 3,00

Seth Combi Deals

Sandwich and a soft drink: Experience Surinamese food.€ 7,00


Soft drinks
Cola/ Cola zero/ Fernandes/ Fanta/ 7-up:€ 2,50
Passion fruit drink€ 3,00
Ginger beer€ 3,00
Dawet - Coconut juice with lemon grass€ 2,50
Sparkling water blue€ 2,50
Sparkling water red€ 2,75
Iced tea€ 2,50
Redbull:€ 3,00

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